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Age Refining Technology 
Advanced Skin Care Formula’s from Natures finest ingredients


Are you like me? You have a bunch of 1/2 used skin care products that just did NOT do the trick or show the promised results as we were using it?


Have you spent 1000′s of dollars in a year on facial cleansers, toners, day and night serums, moisturizers, sunscreens and still see time marching across your face without much relief from the wrinkles and fine lines, the dark spots, and the acne scars or large pores?


Before we get into Young Living’s skin care line, I want to have a heart to heart with you.

There is NO perfect skin care line. There is no amount of plastic surgery, botox injections, collagen injections, or chemical peels that can change what you look like “In your eyes”. No amount of reconstruction surgery can change the image of your face that you have envisioned in your mind. Women are different period. We are all unique, and beautiful in our own way. Far too many women of all ages, have a negative self image which drives them to every product on the market promising to help or change the thing they dislike most about themselves. The media, and the cosmetic companies have forced their opinion of beauty on all of us to the point that society has developed a preconceived notion of what is beautiful or appealing to the eye. It is so bad that women compare themselves to the models they see on TV, in magazines, in movies and pick themselves apart if they do not meet this picture of perfection. I do not agree with this stereotype beauty our society has created. I am not going to get into this topic in detail right here. The point I want to make to you that I have learned the hard way is you have to love yourself, you have to be happy with your skin to actually see a result from a product. You also have to respect your body, and your skin enough to not apply toxic products to your skin in the name of “looking younger” 

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What you put on your face matters

Toxins in our products is  more and more a topic of discussion among women.  It is impossible to get away from all toxins lets just be real for a minute, but it is possible to lower our exposure by the choices in what we do use as products go.

We really ought to be more informed decision makers when it comes to our beauty care products for no other reason than we absorb them on a personal intimate level right through our skin. I don’t know about you, but now that I know more about the toxic crap in a lot of the beauty products we have available to us. I want the choice to be mine whether I use a higher toxic level product to another less toxic, it should be my choice it’s my skin, my body, my health involved. o one is going to protect me better than “me”.

I have chosen to use less toxic beauty products AS LONG AS THEY WORK. I found in my research that a lot of ingredients as they claim to “help” actually cause more damage. The ART skincare line decreases the harmful chemicals I am putting in my body through my skins absorption while helping my skin repair and renew.

I have had problem skin all my life. I don’t have acne issues, but I have under eye issues, a scar on my face in my laugh line from a childhood car accident, Broken tiny blood vessels appearing on my face from squeezing pours as a teenager, and a very oily and dry complexion. Yes oily nose, chin, and side of nose area, then a dry forehead. Balancing my skin has been impossible until a few months ago.  A friend of mine introduced me to Frankincense Essential oil. Her complexion was and is amazing, so of course I applied the regimen she shared with me and I started seeing results in the first 30 days.  The whole story to that is on the Frankincense page.

I have been a Clinique girl for a long while, and tried Nerium for 30 day”s with my clinique cleanser. Most dermatologists, not selling a skin care line in their office, recommend clinique products according to a survey of my friends that see a dermatologist on a annual or semi annual basis. I was a Lancome girl, I used La Mer, I have used Institut Esthederm from Paris, I have also used Dermalogica.  So over the years my skin care products have not been cheap, they have not been drugstore brands only…I have tried several drug store brand products I have 3 or 4 drawers full of them that I do not use any longer.

I have to say the Skin Care lines did in some ways help my skin, I am 40+ and do not look it, so they did help in their own formulas to aid my skin in the premature aging process. The problem is they also aided in damaging my skin. As we age our skin changes due to hormonal changes, environmental issues, Sun exposure the whole nine..everything factors into the changes we go through and my face right now at this point in the game needs a little “extra” help.

Art Skin care, is giving me the help that I need in this transition. Considering what my clinique, & La Mer products cost I am actually saving money every month including my Frankincense essential oil in that budget. Saving the money is not my first priority, I don’t skimp on my skin care so that was an added bonus.

So what is ART Skin Care you ask? 

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ART Skincare Collection



Recovered accounts reveal that the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, & the Chinese, relied upon the immense power of Essential oils to regain, increase, or maintain health of the body and mind. Young Living is restoring this lost wisdom and helping people understand that essential oils and aromatherapy can do much more than soothe, invigorate, and uplift.

Based upon advanced scientific research, Young Living has combined the health secrets of the ages with the latest age refining technology to produce an amazing skin care system “ART” noted to be Skin Care before it’s time.

Through the ages the beauty of the human form has inspired artist, and the very essence of that beauty is illuminated through a face. Like any work of ART, the natural process of aging can have a negative effect on the texture, tone, and appearance of skin. As we age, our skin is repeatedly exposed to harmful chemicals and damaging sunlight. Over time, this exposure causes significant damage to DNA, and eventually, the skin starts to thin, age spots appear, and uneven skin tone and wrinkle formation result. In fact, persistent DNA damage is the primary cause of aging on the skin.

Aging also weakens the body’s ability to produce collagen. The dermis, which lies just beneath the top layer of your skin, consists of cells called fibroblasts that produce collagen and moisture  As skin matures, fibroblasts lose the ability to produce collagen, which causes the epidermis (or top layer of skin) to thin, and as a result, deeply bedded wrinkles occur. Advanced dryness also accelerates the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that all women are beautiful. Yes you read me right, I said all women are beautiful…we just need some help sometimes with skin tone, or texture but no woman is “ugly” we may feel like the word, but that doesn’t make it true.

Starting the journey to help enhance our “natural beauty” is just what the self esteem in our selves has ordered. Doing that with the most natural products we can get our hands on is also key!

The ART collection by Young Living Combines DNA recovery enzymes, advanced science, with a proprietary peptide complex to reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, even skin tone, and improve the thickness and firmness of your skins appearance.

Order yours today and get on a less toxic, better for you FRESH FACE! 

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ART Line skin care



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